Hijri Dates

The HijriDates program is based on an article written by reporter Hatem Sidqi and published in Al-Ahram newspaper on May 25, 1991. The article reports on a new lunar cycle discovered by Egyptian pharmacist Anwar Qadri Ibrahim. The article cites Dr. Ahmad Sulaiman and Dr. Rashad Qubaisi, of the Helwan Institute for Astronomical Studies, as vouching for the improved accuracy of this new lunar cycle.

You are encouraged to copy and distribute the source code of this program to as many people as you like at cost. It is not to be sold.

The HijriDates program calculates the Hijri date corresponding to a given Gregorian date since February 24, 1906, or the Gregorian date corresponding to a given Hijri date since 1 Muharram 1324. The first program link below is a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module that you can use in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. A sample spreadsheet is also provided. Right-click on the links and save their targets to your computer. You may be able to also use the same code as a VBScript code in a web page but I have not verified that.

HijriDates VBA module | Sample Excel spreadsheet

If you have any questions or suggestions about the HijriDates program, please send them to the address below. May God accept this work from brother Anwar and myself and turn it into a "knowledge that benefits."

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